Our Mandate:

Revive, Recruit, Raise!

We are a team of Disciples of Jesus Christ who are persuaded that the Lord has mandated us to raise men and women for Him, for His placement in the Body of Christ.  We use the the 3-Rs Acronym (Revive, Recruit, Raise) to capture the mandate.


The Discipleship work is the bedrock of the work of the Threshers Team. This work deals with raising men, conformed into the image of Christ, for His placement in the Body of Christ. It is taking place in Churches, discipleship feeding centres located in several places and also in homes.

Ministerial Training

Beyond Discipleship we are also involved in Ministerial Training and Leadership Development. Our main platform for doing this is the MITRE (Ministers Improvement and Training Retreat). The Ministers Improvement and Training Retreat (MITRE) is envisioned as a means of raising ministers and leaders for the work of God.

Media Broadcast

Discipleship Cruise is a Television Broadcast where you can watch and learn Bible Teachings on Discipleship and other Christian Subjects/Themes. These series of Bible Teachings are also available on CDs and DVDs in Video and Audio Formats. They can also be accessed on YouTube.  Discipleship Cruise airs on NTA Kaduna, Nigeria between 7:30pm and 8:00pm on Mondays.


We see Education as a means of Discipleship. Discipleship that concentrates on adults alone is almost like a waste. Thus the Incubators group of schools is a means to touch children, adolescents and youths and raise them to become like Jesus, especially in this perverted generation.


He was a burning and a shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light. (John 5:35) This is the testimony the Lord Jesus bore concerning John the Baptist, the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth. John was a mortal man like you and me, who was born 6...


INTRODUCTION 'And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept: and he took one of his...


Before we begin to talk about the Holy Ghost and evangelism it will be profitable to briefly look at evangelism. What is evangelism and how have we done it in our generation? We should look at how we have done it and compare this with what the Bible says...


As we continue our column in the “Newness of Life”, we must not lose our bearing seeing we have been on it for years now and new readers are joining us mid stream. Hence the need to always reiterate and refocus the reader on what we are tracing. Newness of...


INTRODUCTION: Sleep is a very important part of human life. It is so important that a person can spend longer days without food and water but not sleep. Sleep deprivation has been used as a form of torture in some country’s prisons. DEFINITION OF SLEEP: Is...


INTRODUCTION Not much is known about Naboth in Scriptures. He was not from the royal family neither was he a priest. He was just a Hebrew who was contented with what God had given him and was faithful to his Lord till death. His story was summarised in one...


INTRODUCTION It is a priviledge to be a disciple these days. God has been speaking about a time He will move among men in a unique end time revival. It is for this purpose He has been raising many sons, laboring on lives to be conformed to the image of His...


I appeal to you therefore brethren, and beg you in view of (all) the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies – presenting all your members and faculties - as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God,...


1. INTRODUCTION Fatigue is described as an extreme physical and mental tiredness that does not go away with rest or sleep. Dizziness can refer to light headedness, unsteadiness, or vertigo. Both symptoms result from a number of health states and...


Rom. 12:1 - 2 1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the...

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Let Your Garment Be White (Opening Charge)

by Afam Eruchalu | New Year Workers Family Retreat 2017

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Discipleship Work Team


This discipleship work is the bedrock of the work of the Threshers Team. This work deals with raising men, conformed into the image of Christ, for His placement in the Body of Christ.

The discipleship work takes place at all levels – Children, Adolescents, Youths and Adults. It takes place in Churches, discipleship feeding centres located in several places and also in homes.

The home discipleship – discipleship in homes – is the grass root strategy to make every disciple’s home a place of discipleship (a place of making men to look like Jesus). The discipleship work is presently going on in different parts of Nigeria and overseas.

There are special discipleships like widows discipleship, computer discipleship, vocational/craftsmanship discipleship, etc.

The discipleship work team is a team of brethren saddled with planning, strategizing, supervising and producing materials for the work. The team also takes oversight of the work and also tries to ensure quality control of the work.

Women Work Team


Discovering that women play a vital role in the society – a role that in recent years has been overlooked and resulted to several terrible societal vices, the women work team made up of sisters are faced with the challenge of re-focusing and re-directing women especially believers back to this abandoned role.

Broken homes, criminals, immoral activities, etc. can be traced to the neglect of this role by our women.

This team seeks to raise godly wives and “Mothers in Israel” to rise up and begin to play their role and arrest the present decay in families in particular and the society at large.

Women are a very vital key in child upbringing and peaceful homes – this must be put in place again.

Adolescent Work Team


13 – 18 years age bracket are very critical in the life of a human being.

This work team seeks to help adolescents face life challenge in this critical part of their lives and help them find their role in the light of the Holy Bible and also help out with the challenges of their academic pursuits, peer pressure and parental issues.

Since a lifestyle can be formed at this point, it is only wise and right to have it formed appropriately.

They also help in counseling for career and family matters.

To accomplish this task a Vocational Adolescent Training (VAT) programme is held once in a year for two weeks so as to impart necessary spiritual virtues, academic work and vocational skills in them.

Also the team runs adolescent discipleship feeding centers towards discipling these adolescents and preparing them for the future.

(Details of the VAT programme is obtainable on request).



This is a team of brethren that labour amongst the children from ages 0 -12 years. Their aim is to introduce Jesus to them at a very tender age having Proverbs 22:6 in view. It is a discipleship work amongst children to consolidate the labour of their parents.

This training (discipleship) is in every aspect – spiritually, academically, domestically and otherwise as seen necessary.

Proverbs 22:6 states that “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

This training is particular and peculiar to each child. They also are involved in developing children discipleship materials, children workers’ development, children education, children rallies and camps, children section in meetings and good news clubs.



This team of brethren are faced with the challenge of reaching out to the Hausa speaking peoples and raising disciples amongst them.

Some avenues on ground to reach out to them are discipleship feeding centers, adult education classes, vocational training and children good news clubs.

Presently work is going on in a place called Juji in Kaduna, Nigeria and we see response from the people. Also the team’s work is spreading to some other Hausa speaking communities in the North with outreaches and feeding centers.



This work team is faced with the challenge of reaching out to the people groups of Southern Kaduna.

A people neglected and impoverished in several ways – educationally, economically, socially and spiritually.

We believe that if the Lord is able to help raise men that will truly stand out for Christ, it will bring solution to other issues on ground.

This team organizes retreat – disciples’ retreats, family retreats and prayer retreats to reach out to this people group and also to raise indigenous disciples that will affect the people more.

Much prayer is of great importance.



Looking at the large number of churches in the eastern part of Nigeria – majorly Igbo speaking – and the little impact in the lives of these people who are very religious, this work team seeks to change the tide and work towards a revival in the lives of these people group.

Several meetings in churches, schools, etc are held to achieve this goal.

Meetings like the Eastern Holy Convocation is organized to gather the populace for a deeper and closer walk with Jesus.

Several discipleship feeding centers are already on.



With several events and pointers to the fact that the so called developed countries (western world) and even other less or under developed countries have missed it in relation to the mind of God – this work team seeks to reach out to these countries and raise disciples for Jesus.

As disciples grow some are being called to go outside the shores of Nigeria. This has taken the work beyond Nigeria and has entered several nations in Africa, UK and USA.

We are trusting God to thrust more men into different nations with work of discipling the nations.

We trust that with time they will be established and reach out to more countries.



This team of brethren have the vision of reaching out to the people of this generation with the gospel and teachings of Christ using the media both electronic – Television and Radio and print media.

Electronic Media

This team reaches out to people using both Television and Radio.

Presently they oversee the TV programme – “Discipleship Cruise” shown on air on  NTA  in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Discipleship Cruise is a Television Broadcast where you can watch and learn Bible Teachings on Discipleship and other Christian Subjects/Themes. These series of Bible Teachings are also available on CDs and DVDs on both Video and Audio Formats. They can also be accessed on Youtube. Contact us and book and get your own copies.

This team also produces VCDs for conferences, retreats and seminars organized by the Threshers Team.

Print Media

This team comprise of brethren that see to the smooth production of all journals, Disciples Indeed Magazine, Disciples Digest, etc. and books published as part of the work.

The editing and printing of these materials are handled by this work team.

Such materials are then easily passed across to subscribers and distributed to the Body of Christ.

You can download some of these publications and use them for your spiritual needs.


This work team is saddled with the burden: “to disseminate the Work of God as far as possible and as cheap as possible.” They make use of the following outlets to carry out the burden:


Various books touching different areas of Christian living for discipleship and growth. Also journals and other publications.

Recording and Production of Messages (Video, VCD, Audio CD)

Messages and various teachings touching most areas of Christian living are reproduced for the edification of the brethren.

Circulation of books, magazines and printed media works.

Library and Resource Center

For reading and listening to cassettes on various Christian topics and teachings (doctrine). It also serves as a Center for research work and information acquiring. Ministers are also available for counseling and prayers.



This team of brethren work together to ensure that the men in uniform – Army, Air Force, Naval men, Policemen, Warders, Civil Defence, Road Safety, etc. are reached with the gospel and disciples raised amongst them.

This preparation helps them face the challenges associated with their professions.

Several meetings and discipleship classes right in the barracks are organized to achieve the goal.

Some members of the team are also uniformed men for easier movement and organization.



This team of brethren are in charge of all arrangements, planning and execution of all meetings of the work.

The venue, logistics and accommodation/welfare of brethren from outside stations are undertaken by this team.

Such meetings like the New Year Workers’ Retreat, Family Retreat, Disciples’ Retreat and the Holy/Labourers Convocation, among others, are hosted by this team.

Every aspect of such meetings – Administration, Public Address System, Physical Facilities, Recording, Security, etc. are handled by this team.